Elaine and Joseph — Cucina Rustica Sedona

Elaine and Joe wanted to keep things really simple, so they didn’t make a lot of advance plans about exactly where they wanted their Sedona wedding ceremony to be.  They had made dinner reservations at Cucina Rustica, in the Village of Oak Creek — one of our best Italian restaurants.  Having visited the restaurant, they decided to see if they could get married right there, on the patio!  The management graciously agreed, and so we gathered with two of their good friends, under a fig tree on the patio, to celebrate their vows.

Afterward, they included me in their wedding feast, and treated me to a delicious dinner.  As a Sedona wedding officiant, I meet a lot of lovely people, and this was another instance of that.  Another reason  (of many) why I love my job!

by Anthony Flesch, founder of SedonaMinister.org