Daniel and Monica — Near the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff

How such busy couples find time to get married in a breathtaking spot sometimes amazes me! Daniel flew overnight from Georgia where he had just completed the incredibly rigorous Army Ranger school. His bride-to-be Monica made time within her work and school schedule to make the trek north to the foot of Arizona’s version of Mount Saint Helens. The overcast … Read More

Ron and Sarah — Crescent Moon Ranch, Sedona

When a couple tells you to keep to certain basic parameters but basically surprise them when it comes to the ceremony, you’re not sure what you’re getting into. But since Ron and Sarah seemed very fun and genuinely, passionately in love from the first communication I had with them, I knew this would be interesting (a good kind of interesting). … Read More

Dan and Christie — Bell Rock, Sedona

Perhaps having Sedona as a nearby elopement destination can be a good and bad thing. For Phoenix-area dentist Dan and his busy life, finding the time to wed had to sync up with his equally busy bride-to-be, Christie. He told me from the get-go that many things had to align the weekend of the elopement. Between commitments and responsibilities in … Read More

Jonah and Liz — Bell Rock, Sedona

This couple decided to have a stateside ceremony before a Cabo fiesta. It is simpler to do so legally and why not wander north to tie the knot if you have Sedona nearby! In their mid-20s, Jonah and Liz exerted a great energy and passion for each other, for life and for meaningful experiences. A broken cloud cover gave way … Read More

Amber and Stan — Huckaby Trail, Sedona

Another breathtaking ceremony in a stunning location! Just off Highway 179 at the foot of Schnebly Hill Road near Uptown, the Huckaby Trailhead is cradled in Red Rock glory. Amber and Stan chose this wedding location for these traits. Their long journey from the East Coast was validated by a beautiful day and perfect photographic conditions! It is a joy … Read More

Ken and Janet — Private Residence, West Sedona

New love can be kindled at any age. That is especially true of timeless love, that which will stand the test beyond our earthly limitations. Ken and Janet had both experienced the disappointment of unsuccessful partnerships. In their sixties, both had eventually gone the modern route of online dating to seek a new connection. Left frustrated and exasperated by the … Read More

Katie and Ethan — Crescent Moon Ranch, Sedona

What if that carefree, joyous apprenticeship of adulthood known as freshman year in college could last a lifetime? In many ways, that spirit imbued the lovely family ceremony Katie and Ethan held on the lush lawn of Crescent Moon Ranch, the dreamy property on Forest Service land near Red Rock Crossing. With the imperious Cathedral Rock aptly serving as backdrop, … Read More

Megan and Austin — Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village, Sedona

One of the most unique places to get a married in Sedona is within the confines of Tlaquepaque, a varied commercial destination along Oak Creek, designed to recreate a Spanish Colonial village from central Mexico. Large weddings command the wide corridor between the main buildings. Smaller ceremonies have the choice of the enchanting Chapel – also crafted in the image … Read More

Lindsay and Nathan — Horseshoe Bend

This was truly a wedding to remember.  When we got to the location, high above the Colorado River, it was just starting to rain, and the wind was picking up.  We all decided to go ahead anyway. So, the ceremony was conducted in the midst of a rare, early Fall storm, with winds gusting to 50 mph, and pretty heavy … Read More