Edith and Bret – Sky Ranch Lodge

As a Sedona wedding officiant, I never get tired of officiating weddings at our many locations with awesome red rock views. One of the most spectacular of these is Sky Ranch Lodge, a hotel perched right on top of Airport Mesa.  A few years ago, they built a wedding deck and reception area with amazing views over the town, and across … Read More

Tips for planning your Sedona wedding

Plan your wedding as far in advance as possible. Although Sedona is one of the most popular wedding and tourist destinations in the U.S. (we get roughly 4 million visitors every year) it’s still a small town. That means that there are only so many possible locations for your wedding, and that these get booked quickly, especially in the busy … Read More

Tips for creating a meaningful, heartfelt wedding ceremony

Find the “right” officiant. This may seem self-serving, but I really don’t mean it that way.  I know that I can’t possibly be the right fit for every single couple I meet with!  So, by the right officiant, I mean someone who really “gets” what type of ceremony you want, and can help you create that. My main point about … Read More

Kat and Roger — marry us today!

As a Sedona wedding officiant, I get some interesting requests and inquiries. Last Saturday, I was about to make myself a little lunch when my phone rang, and Roger asked, “Can you marry us today?” I told him I was still in my sweats, and would need to take a shower, so we settled on a time about two hours … Read More

Elaine and Joseph — Cucina Rustica Sedona

Elaine and Joe wanted to keep things really simple, so they didn’t make a lot of advance plans about exactly where they wanted their Sedona wedding ceremony to be.  They had made dinner reservations at Cucina Rustica, in the Village of Oak Creek — one of our best Italian restaurants.  Having visited the restaurant, they decided to see if they could … Read More

Michelle and Steve — West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon

West Fork (aka Call of the Canyon) is an awesomely beautiful canyon about 30 minutes from Sedona, carved by a tributary of Oak Creek.  Michelle and Steve eloped there, and hiked in for their Spring wedding. This is one of the locations near Sedona that has both great red rock/canyon views, as well a lush, green riparian environment created by the perennial creek. They … Read More

Susan and Joel — L’Auberge de Sedona

Susan and Joel got married by the Creek at L’Auberge de Sedona — one of the prettiest wedding locations anywhere.  As a Sedona wedding officiant for 20+ years, I tell couples I talk to about the two types of natural beauty we have here in Sedona.  Of course, we have the famous and amazing red rock formations, which most people know about.  … Read More

Pat and Ken – Page Springs Vineyard & Cellars

On the chilly Monday after Christmas, Pat and Ken exchanged their vows on the deck at Page Springs Cellars, overlooking Oak Creek. The winter sun warmed us as it shone over the rows of bare vines, while the creek played its ceaseless music below. As a Sedona wedding officiant, I most often get asked to officiate weddings within view of Sedona’s … Read More

Alissa and Kyle — Crescent Moon Ranch

Alissa and Kyle traveled from Minnesota for their elopement wedding in Sedona, at Crescent Moon Ranch (aka Red Rock Crossing). It was the winter solstice, but a pretty mild day for a Sedona winter. The photographer, Andrew Holman, was very happy with the day, because the light overcast sky created the kind of soft light that only clouds can create. … Read More

What is a prothalamion?

I just learned that a “prothalamion” is a poem written specifically to celebrate a wedding. The term was coined by Edmund Spenser (1552-1599), who is best known for his epic poem The Faerie Queen. Spenser wrote the first prothalamion to celebrate the double marriage of the two daughters of Edward Somerset, Earl of Worcester; Elizabeth Somerset and Katherine Somerset. Most … Read More