Ken and Janet — Private Residence, West Sedona

New love can be kindled at any age. That is especially true of timeless love, that which will stand the test beyond our earthly limitations.

Ken and Janet had both experienced the disappointment of unsuccessful partnerships. In their sixties, both had eventually gone the modern route of online dating to seek a new connection. Left frustrated and exasperated by the tedious process, both were about to give up on this method when they were, at last, matched with one another.

Abiding by the same sets of values and goals, theirs was an affection that blossomed at warp speed. When this New Mexico-based pair decided to take that most sacred step and marry, they chose Sedona as an ideal locale and kindly entrusted me with guiding their small family ceremony, grounded in Christian tenets (though I gladly work with couples of any virtuous persuasion). Their wedding took place on the serene, breathtaking grounds of a private property in West Sedona. The southern horizon, dominated by Cathedral Rock and Courthouse Butte, provided a stunning backdrop for the union of these two souls, these brave, undeterred explorers of the heart.

Once teetering on the brink of potentially feeling forlorn evermore, they found each other, with past sorrows now drowned in the wake of their love. And in the cooling shade of a tall arbor, the unrelenting August sun was no match for the determined passion Ken and Janet avowed for each other on that day and forever…

Credit: Sedona Chamber of Commerce Tourism Bureau