Karen and Anthony vow renewal — 10 years after

I officiated at Karen and Anthony’s wedding at Red Rock Crossing ten years ago.  I got a call from Anthony one recent Friday, saying they were going to be in town, and he had the thought to surprise Karen with a vow renewal close to their anniversary.  So, two days later, I met them at the location, and when Karen realized what was happening, she burst into tears.

It was great to see them again, and to meet their eight-year-old son, Fam.  It’s not often that I (a) get to conduct a vow renewal of a marriage I originally officiated, and (b) meet the children of my clients.  The whole thing had a feel of “rightness” and joy about it, and we all enjoyed our time tremendously.

As a Sedona wedding officiant, I don’t often get to see my clients again, because most of them live elsewhere.  So, the occasions when that does happen are doubly sweet…

by Anthony Flesch, founder of SedonaMinister.org