Lindsay and Nathan — Horseshoe Bend

This was truly a wedding to remember.  When we got to the location, high above the Colorado River, it was just starting to rain, and the wind was picking up.  We all decided to go ahead anyway. So, the ceremony was conducted in the midst of a rare, early Fall storm, with winds gusting to 50 mph, and pretty heavy … Read More

Karen and Anthony vow renewal — 10 years after

I officiated at Karen and Anthony’s wedding at Red Rock Crossing ten years ago.  I got a call from Anthony one recent Friday, saying they were going to be in town, and he had the thought to surprise Karen with a vow renewal close to their anniversary.  So, two days later, I met them at the location, and when Karen … Read More

Karen & Curtis — Pyramid Trail, Sedona

Being a wedding officiant in Sedona is a great job, and I love it!  Last week, I got to do my job for Karen and Curtis on one of my favorite hiking trails here — Pyramid Mountain.  Karen and Curtis had come in from the Dallas area, and had spent the previous day scouting red rock locations.  We have a … Read More

Kara & Matt — Suncliff Sedona

Suncliff is a new and unique “resort” in Sedona — just one luxury casita, with amazing views of the iconic Cathedral Rock formation, and red rock views in every direction.  See here: Kate and Tom Joy run it, and they do an amazing job to ensure that each of their guests has a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a Sedona wedding officiant, … Read More

Jen and Michael — Red Rock Crossing

Michael and Jen drove down from Boise, Idaho to celebrate their 25th anniversary and renew their vows.  Theirs is one of those wonderful stories where they felt from the start that they were destined to be together — and they still feel that way! They’ve endured a lot of challenges together, notably, Michael’s healing and recovery from a serious illness.  … Read More

Sunny & Clint — Horseshoe Bend

As a Sedona wedding officiant, I mostly get to officiate weddings in my home town.  So, when I got a request to officiate a wedding at Horseshoe Bend, I was excited!  I’d never seen this amazing natural wonder, and so it was a great opportunity to do my job and experience a wonderful place. Sunny and Clint had driven all the way … Read More

Risa/Greg — Red Rock Crossing

As a Sedona wedding officiant, I most often officiate weddings outdoors, since it’s so beautiful here.  Perhaps my favorite outdoor wedding this summer was Risa and Greg’s, since they asked me to officiate their wedding IN Oak Creek.  The groom and I were both wearing shorts, and we stood barefoot in the creek, in the shadow of Cathedral Rock.  It was … Read More

Jennifer and Anthony — Los Abrigados creekside

On beautiful Spring Saturday morning, Jennifer and Anthony got married Creekside at Los Abrigados Resort & Spa.  It’s a beautiful location — an oasis of lush greenness in Oak Creek’s riparian corridor. They did things a little differently — including a tree-planting ceremony that included all those present.  Each guest was given a small vial of earth, and the bride and groom … Read More

Diana and Nauris — Merry-Go-Round Rock, Sedona

Diana and Nauris are from Latvia, and are working here in the tech industry.  They wanted to get married at Merry-Go-Round Rock — a location with some of the best views in (and of) Sedona.  It’s a beautiful spot, but not for the faint of heart — the road to get there is really rough, and you get quite shaken up traveling up … Read More

Abby and Dave — the saddle at Cathedral Rock

On a lovely warm, early Spring day, Abby and Dave, and Abby’s two kids, Garrett and Regan, hiked with me up to the saddle of Cathedral Rock to get married high among Sedona’s red rocks.  As a Sedona wedding officiant, I often officiate weddings out on the land, but this was the best!  It’s a pretty steep and intense 20-30-minute hike, … Read More